[Medical Consultation Services ]

SCAPE aims to provide the following medical consultation services to patients in China. These services are provided for free for non-profit purposes at this time.  

  • SCAPE is determined to provide the state-of-the-art medical services and medicines to patients in China, enabling them to have access to US-standard healthcare in their homeland, without the need to travel overseas. One of SCAPE's current projects includes "doubling cancer survival rate". As recently reported by Lancet, the average cancer survival rate in China is only about +30%, while patients in the USA have an average cancer survival rate at about + 60%.  SCAPE has put together a strong Chinese-American Physician team to closely collaborate with their oncology colleagues in China, with the goal of doubling the 5-year survival rate for certain type of cancers (including lymphoma and leukemia) in the next 5 years.  
  • SCAPE offers telemedicine program and medical consultation (i.e. second opinion) to patients in China through internet based, multi-media system and technology. US trained Chinese-American physicians will provide the cutting-edge medical care to patients in China.  Patients now can benefit and enjoy the latest US medical treatments through internet based systems without long-distance traveling.
    In particular, SCAPE-based medical consultation service has the following features:
    1.    All of our medical providers are bilingual. The communication will be via Mandarin (not English). Chinese patients will feel homey without being intimidated by speaking limited English.
    2.   Medical consultation will be done through face-to-face communication through the internet based video service. Our medical providers will answer any questions raised by the Chinese physicians as well as the patients in real time.
    3. Patients will be receiving the cutting-edge and evidenced-based medical treatments available in the US.
    4. Flexible time with services from various subspecialties.
    5. If indicated, SCAPE will help arrange medical visits to US clinics and hospitals directly.


SCAPE 提供以下医疗服务。

1. 在中国境内提供美国最新的医疗服务咨询, 让中国病人不出国门就能享受到最好的美国医疗。 我们目前的项目包括 “中美妇幼对接项目”, “微创手术项目”,  “疼痛康复项目” , “癌症生存翻倍计划” 等。 根据世界权威杂志Lancet 柳叶刀的最近报道, 美国癌症平均5年生存率是+60%,而中国只有30%。 我们组合了强有力的以美国肿瘤医师为主, 其它专业辅助的顶尖医生团队, 正在与国内的医疗界紧密合作, 目标在5年之内,争取所治疗肿瘤(包括血液肿瘤)五年内生存率翻倍。

2. 在美国境内提供面向于中国的远程医疗服务咨询。SCAPE 远程医疗将通过多媒体网络给中国的患者提供第二诊疗意见。经过美国医生系统训练的全美各个专业的杰出华人医生将通过远程医疗设施, 以最新最先进的医学技术与理念为国内的同胞服务。中国国内的患者将无需舟车劳顿,远渡重洋来美国, 就能享受到美国的世界顶尖的医学服务。 我们的特色:
A) 以普通话服务, 给病人以亲切感, 宾至如归;
B) 交互式会诊, 通过视频”面对面”的直接交流。实时解答国内医生与患者的各种问题;
C) 让患者能得到最新的医学治疗方案, 达到真正的与国际医疗接轨;
D) 服务科室齐全, 时间灵活;
E) 如果需要进一步治疗, 我们会以专业医生的身份, 直接协助中国病人来美国医院就地诊治。